Mercy Works (LP)

by Casper Skulls

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  • Mercy Works LP
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In a half century, I'm in the obituaries Crumpled up, saved by hoarders Memories are for the mourners Modern prosperity, let go of clarity Let in barbarity, death in solidarity Swell conditions, cancel my subscription Cancel my service, it serves no purpose Elvis is king because he's evil, he's miserable A cruciform structure of a man that we love. It's a kind of commotion hanging onto every notion A part of distraction where no one can take any action But am I the perversions in your mind There's a running joke and I'm at the end of it. Cut the text, brush off ambition Hip association, aureate emission You can call me Al, allocator, agitator, instigator or something like that You see no colour but you exploit a culture A conniving vulture, inflicting torture Elvis is king because he's evil, he's miserable A cruciform structure of a man that we love. T-R-O-U-B-L-E that spells it T-R-O-U-B-L-E here it comes now.
The banquet of mopes Sing praises of how you are Double the dues that I owe And I’ll buy the next round I feel your cut touch my nerves But you’re falling apart from what I’ve heard Bereft of any desire I’d rather a hunter, sleep or starve Your charity is so ungrateful The pain won’t break the day Sharpen all your instincts That make me feel that way Under the cold tap of facts Equal them up to the day I’ve had You say I gotta relax It’s that simple, I’m that simple The throes of my wits A love that’s drunk, that’s half-lit An insult worse than scars I’d rather a hunter, sleep or starve
Sirens swag on the deep “It’s not me” you retort Protecting no one while they kill For their own killing sport Stones of law, bricks of mercy Punishment without mother wit Arrogance without reason and fustian flaws Quit pretending like you give a shit A jape on Fox Lauds the cops While liberty repents and people resent A nation under God, a nation that brushes off Any truth or reason, morality for treason You got no facts, than don’t attack It’s not time to get sore You complain about what you adore What’s that good for Pillow of ethereal, spot the imperial They want you to be depraved Transcribe the media if you can stand tedium The fear of a crimewave
I nailed my palms to your front steps I’ve got the cavities to prove it Would you call me Jesus? I am reeked in forgiveness Mercy works when you want it It bears richer fruits than justice But a history of agony makes strange fruit taste acetous Mask guilt in reparation, no need for explanation For a lack of consultation or domestic inflation Knowing how useful, it is to be useful Knowing how useful, it is to be useless Primeval When I read our epitaph it’ll read how we cower Our delusions spit on rainbows and leaves them broken flowers Next to urban grottos tower 300ft condos They’ll pull it from escrow and build it in Toronto Primeval
I stand in a column I’ve found the face of one They’re apart of these Bad ones after me Timeless god-fearing mercies Is there still room for me? I’m not one of the wise ones I am a shape lost in the patchwork Colour of the outside Lawless by the springtime Lay down your mountain son We all live in death’s house Trying to find our way out No one knows where they’re from The sun Malicious by every measure Instinct turns to vapor Periphery becomes red Humanity thins and tapers Clatter spews from broadcast Coverage dies as days pass A channel for pleasure There is a place and they’re waiting for you I see the world breakdown Lost in the static, blowin’ They want you to be defined Come in the lines from the outside I hear the radar squealing Like I forgot the feeling A message that they’re steering One that I’m not hearing Colour of the outside
Fear of an afterlife built on pride The fault of a working man will face the right But when you’re on my mind A mind of glass is like a vase that sat under a cross for days Growing your ivy and dying by the spring Teach them to love the ones who they deny A life that is showered in a different light But when you’re on my mind A mind of glass is like a vase that sat under a cross for days Growing your ivy and dying by the spring Standing on the shoulders Of a body separate from morals Make pennies or gold while the towers grow Higher than you
Idle in eden, wait for heaven Look for a hope to drag me around Call to the wonder, a slightest chance A small vex to pull me down I stared at "Moses and the Burning Bush" I saw my peril in a strange light Stumble into thought, let years pass by Feel sorry for myself through the clarity of hindsight The wires of my fear swim through waves in the air Catch the spurts of a stare that I keep by my side Spectre of pride, a vindictive stride A vengeful valor born out of a cryptic mind I could follow the day like a dark cloud But your love keeps me a dry land The company you keep will betray you Because your devotion sells for nothing And if the company you keep is just yourself Than you will sell yourself for nothing Just to be seen by anyone else Flesh obscures beauty, like a strange light Charm and travail, it digs a hole in my mind Filled with insects and dead day sunsets God’s love is a drunk love but yours is one to hide The chiming sound of triumph and pain Sister of mercy cut her wrists on the summer lawns And the blood moon ticks like a shotgun shell Or a copper wish falling down a wishing well Just to be heard by anyone else I stared at "Moses and the Burning Bush"
Split separation dragged over a union of lust Panels of thoughts peel, the base of my being rusts Vaults of my values are filled with only my half-truths My finest virtues are the things I present to you I’m just sitting still, dozing on the edge of your hill I’ve got time to kill, the last rest is a slow moon rising Half of you is half of me There is a sense of tact to keep polarity Two thoughts in the crosswires of calamity Folding on the science of dichotomies Split myself in two and give the other half to you Look into the corners of sorrow to find something new Your intellect feels like velvet, my soul feels like stone Hollow out my spirit, douse my ego, bury my hope Spring into your sight, hold my flaws over half-light Colour my pitfalls white, the last rest is a slow moon rising The corral of my conscience, the partition of my principles Slips away into antipathy and now I’m miserable It clatters out of a world that was once apart of me And it turns loose into the wind A body lifeless, when eyes become stale Mother mercy screams to the sky Love will prevail It shakes me to my knees, shapes the dichotomies Ruthless or tender, my love that I send her
The flag was left at half-mast today A make-weight for those wanting to say We’re thinking of your glories Calendar years that you counted on Like faces in a parade are gone We’re thinking of your glories I’m not getting older I didn’t think you called to erase My dolor has no colour I don’t worry it always the same When I look to you Nothing’s changed Our generation is weak But not today We’re thinking about all of your glories
I’ve celebrated all the courage I have found Now one year later it is just a faded sound This punishment is like a torture of my own Self worth and disregard for others I have known But when they pick you up they’re tired Become a shell become a coward I’m not these thoughts that flood my mind Wrung out, dried up and unkind Well damn your vision forget your truth Force out the problems of my youth But when they pick you up they’re tired Cut off the shell and foster power I’m not these thoughts that flood my mind Wrung out, dried up and unkind But I, will open up this world and come alive And I, I will come alive.


Recorded by Josh Korody
Mixed by Alex Newport
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Melanie Gail St-Pierre

12" LPs can be purchased from Buzz Records

Buzz Records 2017


released November 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Casper Skulls Toronto, Ontario

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